Beautiful And Flattering Mid Length Layered Hairstyles

Enhance your look with layers and help you add volume, shape, and texture. Having some layers your shoulder length haircut can be styled beautifully. Lighten you Thick hair and make it more bouncy with cool delicate pieces cut all through the frame of the hair. Your angular faces shapes can be soften and add interest with mid length layered hairstyles. Keep reading this article and find the right layered style for your medium length hair.

mid layer

Red Raven

Achieve beautiful color and texture with these mid length layered hairstyles. It is fresh and cool cut with shaggy layers and Dark cherry shaded hair. Smooth and remove all moisture with Blow-dryer and a large paddle brush. Blow dry the bangs with paddle brush down and towards the side you desire. Flat iron small sections at the nape and ascend. Slightly bevel the flat iron below at the ends of the bangs and on to make details. All face shapes are softened with this style. Naturally straight or wavy hair of all hair textures work well.

Swept Away

Wear this soft blow-out to achieve Red carpet elegance. Beautifully play around shoulders and face with Medium to long layers. Add a fun sweeping style with long flippy bangs at the center part. You have to be expert to create this soft rounded style so practice your blow-drying skills. Section and comb clean, moist hair right down the middle. Use a paddle brush when Blow-dry hair and then clip up half of hair and make detail with a large round brush. Take and pull sections of your hair with the round brush.   Curl the bangs with curling iron back and away from the face. To help you moisturizes, comb out hair, and protects hair from heat, use a leave in conditioner to make silky glow. All face shapes excluding long oval faces look great with these mid length layered hairstyles. These styles are perfect for any type of hair thickness or texture.

layer mid

Red Rocker

Display your lovely color and texture with these mid length layered hairstyles. Shaggy layers with Dark cherry shaded hair are young at heart and exciting. Add flair and interest with short side bangs. Achieve the style by smoothing and Blow dry your hair with a large paddle brush. Do these with your bangs down and towards the side to make them go according where you want. Flat iron small sections of hair at the nape and ascend. Slightly bevel the flat iron on the bangs under at the ends and out to make detail. Smooth as well as nourish the hair cuticle with Oil Hair Treatment and soften and protects hair from heat. All face shapes are soft with these styles and perfect for naturally straight or wavy hair of all hair thicknesses.

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