Angle Bob Hairstyle

For women, hair is the crown of their head, so they will always try to extra taking care of it. When it comes to haircut, there is some women which prefer to choose short hair, in this thing, they choose to have short hair because it is make them free and easily move. The popular short hairstyle that commonly used by women is the angle bob hairstyle. This hairstyles are so popular because there are so many styles that you can try when you have this kind of hair. Here are some popular angle bob hairstyles that you can try to apply at home;


You can use the sleek and smooth angle bob hairstyle for calm and natural looks. But if you want more classic effect, you can try the latest model of angle bob hairstyles, that is ultra-modern angle bob with smoothed out finished. Both of the hairstyles are suitable for them who have round face.



Other style that you can try is flip out angle bob hairstyle in which you flip out the tip of your end hair outward. You may also try the blown out angle bob hairstyle which gives your angle bob a bit volume to make it looks natural.

flip out

For them who have long face, you can try to use bangs on your angle bob hairstyle to make you look fabulous. Or if you want to go a bit wild, you can try to curl your both sides of your hair and let the rest of your hair straight and smooth. Surely it gives you more attention.


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