4 Trendy Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

It is not difficult to combine between braid hairstyles for black women because it is their natural hair obviously. I believe you are in the desperate to choose braids as your hairstyle, right? Do not worry girls because you are in the correct place and time now. Actually, these hairstyles are not fresh from the open. In other words, they exist since long time ago until now as the trend of black women community. Starting from Mohawk until unmatched combo, they are all free for your current hairstyle. The important thing about braid is that they are always unique for black women face no matter what.

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Unmatched Combo

This is the trendiest braid hairstyles for black women. If you do not believe it, just apply it on your head right now. This hairstyle consists of curls and braids perfectly. The front view is full of braids and it melted on your back hair. So, the focal point is at your front hair, right? If you want to be special, you can apply the middle curls with diagonal section. Then, the fabulous look is yours girls. For your information, this hairstyle is completely different with other or normal braid. However, it is categorized as braids after all. Do not waste any time, go combo your curls with this braid.

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French Braids

If you just know that French braid is one of braid hairstyles for black women, you are lucky though. This hairstyle is very formal style. You can usually find it on the formal occasion such as wedding and prom parties. The first step to get this style is by braiding your bang. Then, create the perimeter on other area which remaining the ends of your crown. This is the way how to create queen crown for French braids. This will be cut off the statement that French braids are only for segmented people. If you think like this, you are wrong. French braids are very easy to apply for curly hair.

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Enchanting Braids

This is the classic braid hairstyles for black women but it is still trendy in this modern era. You can create fabulous look with spending much time with this braid. The form of enchanting braid forces you to make thin braid that covering your back hair entirely. It is very recommended if you have long hair because it makes all things become easier to get the braid. This hairstyle is not as easy as its look obviously. If you want more luxurious accent, you should make the top section free without wrapping them.

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Mohawk Braids

Last but not least, the braid hairstyles for black women bring us into Mohawk braids. For your information, you must fallout the front bangs into your eyes to create the best spikes ever. Meanwhile, let the back hair fall naturally into backwards. The sides are clearly thin after all and I believe you do not have any doubt about that. The Mohawk braids are able to be used for formal and casual events. If it is necessary, you can add some brown or red highlights to attract people easily.

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