3 Unique Emo Girl Hairstyles

What do you think when you heard Emo word? Yep, it is a kind of rock music which popular in the mid of 80s. The artists who bring Emo on the stage always have different style from the regular artist. It makes a new trend since it was born until now. Besides of the fashion look, Emo girl hairstyles also carry uniqueness of Emo style.

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How come this music stream influenced hairstyles? The answer has already stated before that Emo’s artists always want to be looked different and they created their own style. The hair sizes are usually left long and medium or short. Let us show you some Emo girl hairstyles which popular now in 2015.

Long Strands on the Sides



Emo girl hairstyles are identically with straightened hair. That is why long strands on the sides is one of them. This style preferred for mid-length hair. The height should be until your chin or shoulder. The characteristic of this style has a lot of long strands on the sides’ hair and even covering all of your face. This style means that Emo girls are not afraid with all of they have in their mind.

Uneven Cuts


Besides of straightened, Emo girl hairstyles are also suited with full-bangs all over your forehead. In addition, it looked such as uneven cuts. This style is best-mated for you who want something different. You need to cute the edges of your hair sharply and unevenly. This style means that Emo does not care about the world thought.

Long Side Bangs

Last but not least, Emo offers you long side bangs style. To get this style, you should cut your crown with lots of long side bangs. It would be more interesting when you add some highlight colors on them. This style means that you are a rebel who want to be different than others.

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