3 Short Hairstyles For Older Women Need To Try

When you begin older, not of all hairstyle can match with you. You need to re-adjust your face. Perhaps your face got significant changes when you start older so the young hairstyle should not be your choice anymore. Choosing the right hair can change your life to be more feminine and adult. You need to choose the hairstyle that can make your self looks wise, don’t you!. Short is one of the best choice to make you look younger but still being wise. Here are some short hairstyles for older women.


The first short hairstyle for older women is pixie. If you want to look more stylish and feel bored with short classic pixie, modern pixie can be the best choice for those who want to look like a career adult women. Add well-trimmed bangs or and sideburns. Even if you want to have the formal haircut, asymmetrical pixie can be chosen. This is a perfect look that is comfortable and trendy to be worn to the office. Beside that, short pixie is also low-maintenance, nevertheless it still needs the regular trims every 6 – 8 weeks. To slick back stray your hair, using styling gel, if needed.

Modern Shaggy

If you aren’t satisfied with the monotonous pixie, modern shaggy could be recommended. You can also consider the 70s classic shag that Mrs. Brady often seen on TV show. You don’t need to have the similar mullet shag style as she worn. Applying the shag with full bangs is also recommended. Just make a thin cut above the ears and also kept thick in the back for a stylish feminine look. This haircut is often worn by Victoria Beckham. If you want to have more volume, consider curly shags might be helpful. To give your hair the fullness for this hairstyle, consider to have a round brush when blow drying.

Curly Haircut

If you still want to defend your natural hair, you can also use your natural curls to make it little different. Wear curly haircut is extremely advantages for those with round face. It is a type of haircut which is cut closer over cheekbones and make thicker in the back. Therefore if you have a long face, it is so easy, just keep your haircut to the level of your chin. It is the best way to overcome looking too thin when worn. Well, from many short hairstyles for older women, which one would you wear for your self!