2014 Shoulder Length Hairstyles


If your hair is already too long and you think it is the time to get new look from your hairstyle then why don’t you try the 2014 shoulder length hairstyle. Why shoulder length hairstyle? Because, shoulder length hairstyle or medium hairstyle is the ideal length of hair so it will not weight you. Here are some popular 2014 shoulder length hairstyles;

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You can try long bob hairstyle as it is one of the most popular 2014 shoulder length hairstyle. It is works well with thick or thin hair. You can classified this style by the longer length and flattering cut. You are also have a choice to play with length by keeping the front sections slightly longer than the back or try adding in some fresh and fun layers.


Bored with straight style? Try curly style. If your hair are naturally curly then it is great. If don’t, then try curling your hair. Add curling mousse and create your own curl using an inch barrel curling iron.


Add some layers to your shoulder length hairstyle to framing your face. The right face framing layers will make your hair looks soften and make the people around you pay attention to you.


2014 shoulder length hairstyles look better with bangs. You can use short bangs or choppy bangs. The bangs add dramatic flair to your look.



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