2014 Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Round Face Shapes

A round face would look flattering with these 2014 shoulder length hairstyles. Make sure to style your hair that thins out the plumpness of the face while highlighting the lips, eyes, and cheekbones for those who have this particular face shape. Those with round face shape have problem hide their plump cheek so they should pick hairstyle that can hide their roundness. Make sure to try these hairstyles to achieve to look you desire. Versatile and fun are how to define these shoulder length hairstyles for round faces and when styled properly they can be worn with nearly any hair smoothness.

2014 shoulder length hairstyles

Shoulder Length Shag

Those with naturally straight hair are perfect with these layered 2014 shoulder length hairstyles. Comb the moist, clean hair out straight. Apply Thickening Spray and blow dry with a paddle brush and fingers to straight the hair.

2014 shoulder length hairstyles shoulder length choppy hairstyles 2014

Flat iron to maintain the sleekness and then apply Gloss Spray for protection. Complete with glimmer hairspray for flexible hold and shine. Those with a round face and almost any face shape and medium to fine hair and various hair textures will look best.

2014 medium length curly haircuts 2014 medium length haircuts for round faces 2014 medium length hairstyles for round faces

Medium Layered Loveliness

Create a soft side fringe to obtain these 2014 shoulder length hairstyles. Apply Hydrating Styling Crème to your moist hair and blow dry while combing with fingers. To avoid applying too much in one area or using too much, apply products with your hands. Finish with Luminous Hairspray for hold and texture.

2014 medium length hairstyles for thin hair 2014 medium length hairstyles with bangs

Those with straight, medium, thick to fine hair look flattering with style. Blow dry in the direction you want your hair to fall and smooth with a large round brush and dryer to smooth and give curve to the ends. Setting the ends with a curling iron will ensure the hold of the style.


Wispy Shoulder Length Shag

This 2014 shoulder length hairstyles shag with bangs removes all bulk, so it’s light and downy as it has been heavily texturized. Apply Styling Thickening Spray on clean, moist hair and blow dry with a paddle brush to get most of the moisture out.

2014 medium length layered hairstyles 2014 shoulder length hairstyles with bangs

Once the hair is a bit dry, blow dry with a large round brush for smoothness. Flat iron with Shine Spray and apply Hairspray for texture and hold. Those with a round face with medium to fine hair look great with the style. Almost various hair textures and any face shape can wear this haircut.

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