2 Best Black Bob Hairstyles Do-It-Yourself Easily

We have a secret for you who have black skin or known as Black women for getting creative and increase your confidence with your hairstyles. It is about black bob hairstyles.

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The main benefits of bob hairstyle are time saving rather than long straight hair hairstyles. It has a tendency of getting frizzy and fuzzy for you as black women. Another benefit of bob is suitable with any size of hair which start from short, medium length or even long hair.

black bob hairstyles 2014

You are possible to style them to a bob style and pick the best one for your hair type and face shape. Thus, you will get personal preference of your appearance and feel more confident than before as Black women. To make you happier, we have 2 black bob hairstyles for you which are the best in 2015 hairstyles. Check this out.



The first of the best black bob hairstyles is called bobby brown. It is such a strategy for you to place some highlight and fitted with your black skin. To get this style, you need to divide your hair into preferred side.

black bob hairstyles 2015

Then, prepare a flat iron and do some bone straight. Next step is about support your bobby with some color in this case brown with shine promoting product in order to finish your bob hairstyle. This style is appropriate with every texture of hair and suits with oval faces.


This is the second style of black bob hairstyle. You can style it easily and save you time just in bathroom. If you colored it with blonde, you will be looked as gold in the middle of oasis literally.

black bob hairstyles with layers (2)

To get this style, you just make a part of your hair as you wish. Pick the beveled under side and use 1 inch curling iron to curl the ends of the hair as same as the photos. It is also best-fit with oval faces.

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